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Angelica Mesiti has been developing research into methods of communication, beyond speech or writing, to create new languages based on existing systems. In her video installations, she is interested in questions of translation of various cultural phenomena, through sound, music, or the body, spontaneous or choreographed gestures. The artist highlights, with sensitivity and delicacy, the grace and inventiveness of everyday life, while underlining the social and political outreach of music and performance.

Book contents:
- "Perhaps There Are More Things That Unite Us Than Separate Us," interview between Angelica Mesiti and Daria de Beauvais.
- "What Bodies Say," by Mathilde Roman.

About the authors:
- Daria de Beauvais is Senior Curator at the Palais de Tokyo. She curated Angelica Mesiti's solo show.
- Mathilde Roman is an art critic, curator and teacher.

Book published on the occasion of Angelica Mesiti's solo show at the Palais de Tokyo, 20.02 - 12.05.2019

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    Angelica Mesiti, Mathilde Roman, Daria De Beauvais

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